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Best Shirts Folding Board

Best Shirts Folding Board
Best Shirts Folding Board

Miracle Fold Laundry Folder Clothes T-Shirts Pants Towels Organizer Fast Easy and Fun Time Saver

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Best Shirts Folding Board is very nice product. I saw a folding device similar to this one being used by the TV character Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory” and it sparked my inner neat freak. It’s quick and easy to use with simple instructions provided. The uniformity provided when folding tees and the gentle compressing of the clothing definitely helps to maximize storage in my dresser drawers. My drawers are shallow, so I hand-folded the tees one more time in order to “file” them.

I’ve posted pictures of my husband’s size XL tees neatly folded (most which I think are ratty and I would love to toss instead of fold); a drawer with his thick thermals and flannel p.j. pants; and a drawer of ladies’ size L and XL tees to show as examples. Anything is an improvement over the clothes that were literally stuffed willy nilly into the dresser. UPDATE APRIL 2021: still using this folding device 3x weekly to fold our laundry and it’s holding up well!

Promised Review by Chriselle V
  • Easily Fold Thin Medium and Thick clothing such as: Towels, uniforms
  • Simple steps can be taken to make the clothes flatter and neater
  • Space-saving design folds up to quickly store away without taking up a lot of space.
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