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Best Scented Candles in the World

Best Scented Candles in the World
Best Scented Candles in the World

Scented Candles Gift Set - 4 Natural Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles, Small Stress Relief Glass Candle, Votive Mini Candle, Birthday Candle Gifts for Women

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Best Scented Candles in the World scent on the individual candles are just absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately, it can only be smelled if I put my nose right on the candle.

There is no strength in the scent whatsoever. I wish it filled up my kitchen but it doesn’t even fill up my tiny bathroom.

So disappointed considering it probably has the sweetest scent on any candles I’ve ever smelled up close.

The seller contacted me and offered full refund because I was not satisfied with the product.

They offered to resend the product free of cost or refund and also gave me an additional discount for future purchases.

They explained that the mild smell is on purpose inorder to not overwhelm people with the scent.

This makes sense as other people might have sensitivities and prefer a mild smell.

I’m surprised they contacted me with the solution but they DID NOT ask me to alter my review, which is why I thought the seller deserves to be applauded for their amazing customer service. I’ll definitely be checking out other products from them soon.

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  • 100% NATURAL WAX
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