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Best Rolling Step Stool

$52.80 $59.99
Best Rolling Step Stool
Best Rolling Step Stool
$52.80 $59.99

Mind Reader Tall Metal Heavy Duty Rolling Double Step Stool,Holds 300 lbs, Black

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I needed a Best Rolling Step Stool to help me reach the top shelf in my closet. I like that this one rolls and reminded me of library stools. The stool is as pictured and works fine.

My one complaint is that it is a little high for one step up, particularly if I’m not holding on to a wall or doorway.

I thought the notches on the side halfway up were for putting your foot into, as an intermediate step on the way up.

Ever try to reach something but it’s just a few inches away? Get this two-step step stool to get what you need without climbing the counters, tables, and chairs to get what you need.

It isn’t safe to climb your furniture in order to get what you need, instead this tall step stool will allow you to grab what you need in one or two steps. Even for grocery stores it allows employees to grab what they need a lot easier.

Equipped with wheels underneath that allows you to roll this step stool over in any direction you may need it to go.

Step stool is built with two tiers that allows you to choose the best maximum height that best suits your needs.

That is not the case, the notches are too small for the front of my adult feet.

Promised Review By Janet
  • Step stool holds up to 330 lbs
  • Two-tier steps allow you to achieve the best height you may need
  • Helps reach anything you may need upon the top shelf
  • Portable Step Stool
  • Two Tier Step Stool
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