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Best PS4 Controller Charger

$12.70 $16.99
Best PS4 Controller Charger
Best PS4 Controller Charger
$12.70 $16.99

Y Team PS4 Controller Charger, Dual USB PS4 Controller Charging Station for Sony Playstation 4/ PS4/ Slim/ PS4 Pro Charging Dock Stand Station

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I had a Best PS4 Controller Charger that required an adapter to allow the controller to a connection via the front usb port.

The idea was that the weight of the controller would ensure a good connection for charging, and putting the controller in and taking it out of the charger would be easy.

In practice I wound up having to tape the adapter to the controller, (not really a deal killer, but a point off) and the controller would often go uncharged because I hadn’t put in on the cradle in precisely the right way.

This charger connects to the rear charging port of the controller, requires no adapters, and includes clear indicators to let you know your controllers are connected and either charging or charged.

It requires a bit more attention to connect and disconnect the controller, but not having a dead controller is worth it.

I would have preferred the indicator lights to be in a less obtrusive position, but I’m really happy with my purchase.

Also the unit has a low profile, and a low center of gravity, so it’s less likely to be knocked over by accident.

Promised Review By Mike Barrett
  • Looks just like advertised
  • Compact
  • Nice controller display
  • Red/Green LED indicators
  • Giftable! So if you know someone who has a PS4, this would be a great gift!
  • Comes with a charger cable
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