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Best Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers

Best Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers
Best Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers

SURKER Mens Hair Clipper Professional Hair Trimmer Barber Clipper Set Beard Trimmer Cordless Hair Cutting Grooming Kit LED Display USB Rechargeable

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Best Professional Hair Clippers For Barbers is a great product. Ok, I’m no barber. But I’ve been cutting my own hair for a few decades now. So, I’ll give you some important background…I’m African-American. And my hair is somewhat on the coarse side, while my facial hair is very coarse in some areas. So keep that in mind while reading this review.

The clippers are light, but not to the weight where they feel “cheap”. It’s a very manageable weight, so they’re easy to maneuver. And looking at the picture, you may think they’re kind of bulky to hold. Well, I don’t have large hands and yet, they feel very comfortable holding them…even toward the end of cutting my hair.

The front and rear casing feel like metal that’s been coated. Once again, giving them a pretty good feel. The blades are pretty good and are adjustable via the pivoting arm on the side of the blade. When these blades wear out, I’ll probably replace them with another set from a different manufacturer of clipper blades (I don’t want to say any names here in case it’s prohibited).

But I expect them to last me for pretty long. It just depends on how they can be sharpened. But that’s for time to determine. And what I love about this pivot is that it ratchets into place. In the past, I’ve had adjustment arms slide out of place. Luckily, it hadn’t turned into a disaster. With these clippers, there’s no need for concern about that.

So overall, I’m quite pleased after using them for the first time. They cut my hair without any “pulling” of the hairs, as well as cutting it evenly with the provided combs…which slide over the blade and click into place at the back of the blade. The fit is secure and there’s no movement. Great!

Now for the trimmers…I was hoping that I can also use these to shave. I can’t use a razor, or I’ll break out pretty badly. Well, after the cut, I used these to outline and sharpen up some edges around my hairline. It worked perfectly. Oh, I WAS ABLE TO “ZERO-GAP” THEM.

I removed the blade and found the adjustment screws. That is fantastic, as some of these trimmers don’t have that adjustment option. So this is a plus. I was able to sharpen up my lines, as well as trimming around my mustache. I wanted to see if it could cut the rest of my facial hair. It actually did, but my facial hair is very coarse in some areas.

I felt comfortable that it would cut it, but I just didn’t want to stress them, so I opted not to proceed with it. I’m fine with that because I don’t believe that’s what they were designed to do. But as a final trimmer, they work perfectly. I’m very satisfied.

Promised Review By:Philip Greene
  • Complete Hair Cutting Kit
  • Adjustable Length
  • High Carbon Steel Blade
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