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Best Portable Projector For Business

Best Portable Projector For Business
Best Portable Projector For Business

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Best Portable Projector For Business can project from behind a screen (flips the picture sideways). We don’t plan on using this, but it was a cool feature I didn’t know it could do. It can project upside down when we mount it on the ceiling.
It automatically switches between inputs based on which one is turned on and showing a picture. This was an unexpectedly nice feature because we have several items hooked up to it and the projector just switches inputs on its own to whichever one we turn on.
The zoom is really helpful. It doesn’t change the picture quality or the focus at all. It just changes the size of the picture. That is going to be really helpful for mounting it because I am sure we won’t get it in the exact right place down to the inch. So the zoom can make up for that.

Promised Review By Bloomy
  • Relatively Quiet
  • Clean Aesthetic Look
  • Bright, while maintaining a decent
  • Contrast level for a sub $1000 projector
  • Plenty of modern and older connections
  • Slightly odd mounting holes
  • Menus aren’t the most intuitive
  • (you have to go several levels deep to figure out how to rotate the screen)