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Best Portable Dvd Player

Best Portable Dvd Player
Best Portable Dvd Player

16.9" Portable DVD Player with 14.1" Large Swivel Screen, Car DVD Player Portable with 5 Hrs Rechargeable Battery, Mobile DVD Player for Kids, Sync TV, Support USB SD Card with Car Charger (Blue)

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Best Portable Dvd Player is definitely a nice DVD player to have in my opinion. What is nice about this is that it is pretty light, portable, and great for those road trips. The DVD player itself is pretty well built. It basically the size of a early 2000 laptop but light a present day laptop. It does come with a controller however I do not really see any built in games to be honest

. I checked all the settings and it didn’t seem to have anything. That being said the first controller I was provided actually was cracked down the center. After closer inspection it looks like the controller is not made of the best material but that being said I have not seen a way to really utilize that controller. There is a remote control so you can control the DVD player from afar. The next thing about this product is that the battery life is pretty nice.

On the first initial charge, it lasted about two hours or so before needing to recharge. It does not come with a car charger but it does come with a wall charger. You can use the DVD player while it is being charged. The next thing about this is that you can actually hook this up to a TV and it becomes the DVD player for the TV. The unfortunate part is that it only allows for RCA and not HDMI so many of the newer televisions will not work for this.

The RCA cable is fairly long but be aware it is RCA to those 3.5 MM like plugs. Those are pretty easy to replace if needed but it is only one plug versus three. Make sure you plug it into the right port. The controls are pretty straight forward. It comes with a TV setting and DVD. I believe you can actually watch TV through this device if needed.

The screen is held on but a hinge that can be rotated so you can watch it like a tablet. The screen is not a touch screen so you either have to open it again to use the buttons or use the remote control. The blue is nice but you definitely get noticeable scratches on it after awhile. There is no carrying case provided. Also careful with the box as the bottom is not very stable and could break on you pretty easily from the weight. The picture quality is as expected.

It is just a standard 480p I feel like with the DVD player. It is not upscaled or anything like that. The DVD slot is just a simple push down to unlock. It holds the DVD pretty well but try not to shake or turn it while it is running. There is a USB port and SD slot that you can plug thumb drive or an SD card into to enjoy videos that way. The only problem is that it either has a very limited file to watch from MPEG4 or it just does not have the right video codec so you will only get sound. Overall this is a good portable DVD player to take on the go. It is great for keeping children entertained and the best part is that it can be plugged into a TV to become a DVD player for the TV.

This makes it ideal for homes and such because you can use this player as a main DVD player if needed. The remote must be in line of sight and does use a coin battery to power it. It does run on older tech so be aware of that and the controller honestly a bit too flimsy for my liking.

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  • Large HD screen
  • 5 Hrs Battery and Anti-shock
  • High Volume and Sync TV
  • Wide Compatibility

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