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Best Playstation Console To Buy

$254.00 $299.99
Best Playstation Console To Buy
Best Playstation Console To Buy
$254.00 $299.99

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I’ve had the original Best Playstation Console To Buy system since it came and have long run out of space on the 500GB hard drive so I decided to buy a newer updated version of the PS4.. the ps4 slim is awesome. There is a very noticeable performance between my slim and the original. The network connection on my slim is twice as good, games load much faster, download times are much quicker and most importantly I have twice as much HD space for games. I don’t even play a lot of games but still somehow ran out. If you’re noticing a decline in performance on your original ps4 you should definitely invest in a new with plus you can add on a 4-year warranty.

Promised Review By Shariece
  • Current Gen Console as of 2/28/2018
  • Alot faster than the PS3 in general
  • Tons of free games
  • Playstation Now is a pretty decent deal and has a wide selection
  • Tons of media apps like netflix, hulu, amazon video, funimation, etc…
  • Controller allows you to change brightness of glow
  • Tons of customization options to suit your console to you (including high contrast)
  • Playstation plus seems to offer better deals for digital.
  • No more composite output, which means I can’t get audio through my pc the easy way
  • When you are downloading many items there can be menu lag
  • Some apps tend to glitch and close application isn’t an option. However, you can easily just restart.