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Best Pineapple Corer

Best Pineapple Corer
Best Pineapple Corer

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Best Pineapple Corer was pretty good. Purchased for my mom and aunt and sister for christmas. Good value for the utility . They as super easy to use, and wash. And comes with tools for a variety of fruits. The items makes your work in the much easier . We certainly have lost some pizzazz in our lives when reviewing a potato peeler is the highlight of a day, but WOW! I finally used this one today and (aside from adding a chunk of knuckle to the beef stew) it was a great experience! I paid five bucks for one at the grocery store a few months ago to replace the peeler I’d had half my life and couldn’t get used to peeling toward my belly. It was so dull it wouldn’t have done much damage anyway, but this one by OXO is like finding a long-lost friend! It WORKS! It peels away in long neat strips! Yay for new potato peelers!

Promised Review By Pho w/ Kim Chi
  • A must have kitchen tools at home
  • Now cut fruits and vegetable easily and quickly
  • A delightful way to peel fruits and vegetable
  • A 10 piece set suitable for all fruits and vegetable
  • Avocado slicer, watermelon slicer, banana slicer, apple slicer, pineapple strawberry corer, orange lemon peeler, kiwi peeler, cantaloupe peeler & melon baller
  • Do the stuff effortlessly
  • Durable, stainless and long lasting
  • Perfect gift for womens
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