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Best Piggy Bank For Kids

$29 $49
Best Piggy Bank For Kids
Best Piggy Bank For Kids
$29 $49

Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank, Kit of 12 Piggy Banks, Craft for Kids, Ceramic Piggy Bank with Rubber Stopper, Craft Project, Kids Crafts, Create a Keepsake, Personalize & Individually Decorate

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Best Piggy Bank For Kids is very nice product. I think these are less to $1.50 a piece, and that’s a great price. Especially when a DIY Piggyback kit can cost $15 or more. I just wouldn’t pay more than $1.50 each for them. They are blank which is what I wanted, but they are glossy which makes things harder to stick.

Plus, you’re just going to have to gloss it anyway to seal in your artwork. I don’t think water based paints will work or the cheap dollar tree stuff. You’ll want to use acrylic paint and seal it with mod podge, POV, UV resin, or epoxy. Some of my friends told me to send it down first, but that’s just extra work.

Update: The prices at this store are unreliable. They are now $20.00, and I had bought them for $36.00 I could have bought 4 sets instead of two sets. Honey says the prices for this shop can change many times a day.

I’d rather go somewhere where the prices don’t change and can count on them being professional. You don’t go to Fred Meyers and see them raise their prices on a daily basis. NO! They will give discounts but not raise prices. I mean, what’s the point of ripping off your customers, so they won’t come back.

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