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Best Phone Ring Holder

Best Phone Ring Holder
Best Phone Ring Holder

3 Finger Phone Ring Holder Kickstand - MOBI HANDLE Comfy Secure Grip, Scratch Resistant Durable Light Metal for Magnetic Car Mount or Stand, Gift Idea, w/ Wrist Strap [Matte Silver]

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Best Phone Ring Holder is very nice product. I’ve had pretty much every type of phone ring imaginable, and none of them have fit my finger at all. The Fitfort ring, Lamicall ring (same as fitfort just worse), and the Spigen ring… none of them fit me at all.

I wanted a phone ring that would be durable (unlike the Spigen) and would allow me to text one handed. None of the classic ring styles allowed this- plus they were way too big and uncomfortable. Not the Mobi handle though. Like the feeble lips of your lover, it just feels like a perfect fit (I’ll let you decide what that sentence really means).

I’m right handed, have long, slim fingers (not like slenderman slim, but definitely not average), and large hands. I put the Mobi in the very bottom left hand corner of my device (if the back of the phone was facing you) and it works like a charm.

It looks great too; I got the matte black one, and it really looks more like a bronze to me (something to keep in mind if you don’t like bronze). I have a LaterCase so it works perfectly with the carbon fiber. It almost looks like they were built together as one solid product, and I couldn’t be more pleased

The best part is the 3 finger grooves- that’s what really seals the deal for me. It feels exactly like you want it to; because it’s hand shaped. I have no idea what log fingers those Fitfort reviewers have, but slenderman here does not approve

I was kind of on the fence about it not being able to swivel… “how am I going to spin it around so I can watch videos one handed in my bed late at night when no ones home to hear me??” I thought. Now that I actually have it in my hand, I can tell you it feels fantastic. The other hand with the Mobi feels great as well.

I’ll update this review if anything goes wrong in the future. It’s some pretty heavy duty 3M tape, and the ring feels solid so I doubt I’ll have any issues. Time will tell though

Promised Review by Dillon E. Blocker