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Best Pet Grooming Gloves

Best Pet Grooming Gloves
Best Pet Grooming Gloves

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First let me say that I almost NEVER write product reviews, but feel like I would really like to write one for these Best Pet Grooming Gloves. We have two hairy, senior, sister German Shepherd dogs. Lots of dog hair to be had – it seems that just looking at them makes hair fly off of them. Regular grooming with the Furminator removes a lot of hair but the dogs will only tolerate its use on their backs and sides, due to tender arthritic joints and generalized soreness from aging. So, I thought I would give this product a try – and what a difference ! While the gloves do not remove quite as much as hair as the Furminator, there are other distinct advantages for their use. First, they can be easily used over the whole body – including legs, soft belly, tail, and even the head. All areas can actually be massaged, which the dogs clearly enjoy. The dogs LOVE this. In fact, as soon as they see the gloves they go into their happy dance, happy face mode, while hip-checking each other out of the way to be first in line. Since using the gloves for a while now it seems that the quality of their coats is actually better – perhaps a benefit of massaging the skin and stimulating hair growth (more hair?? – better hair). Their coats are softer and more glossy. Bottom line: these gloves have been absolutely great for my aging hairy dogs, and clearly they will be my only grooming aide for the girls. What else is there to say? Maybe give them a try.

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  • Give your pets a gentle and smoothing massage
  • Clean the dirt and dust over your pets
  • The rough hair sticks to the glove and making it easy to remove
  • Works as a bath brush
  • Prevent the pets skin
  • No damage or pain to the pet
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