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Best Non-Toxic Cookware

Best Non-Toxic Cookware
Best Non-Toxic Cookware

Blue Diamond Pan Toxin Free Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set

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Best Non-Toxic Cookware is the best product. Update: It’s been just over a month and my set still looks and works like new. I actually posted a big note on the range hood describing my rules for using this set so my adult sons won’t ruin them. Since it’s been a month I’ll stand by my word and reseason them now. It’s worth a few minutes to keep them working so well.

My rules:

1. No turning the stove higher than 7. No non-stick pan should be used at high heat.

2. No metal utensils. So the pans aren’t scratched while cooking.

3. Hand washes only. It’s easy since nothing sticks to the pans.

4. Wash only after pans have cooled. Keeps the pans from warping.

5. Do not nest the pans. So the bottom of one pan can’t scratch another pan.

I did order a couple of silicone handle grippers. These hollow handles do transfer heat quicker than the solid metal handles of my worn-out set of pans. I’ve yet to be using a pan long enough on high enough heat for the silicone to be required, but I do notice that while the end of the handle is still cool and I can still pick it up with no problem, the closer to the actual pan the handle gets then the hotter it gets. Physics. I can easily tolerate warm handles and using the silicone covers if needed because of how great the non-stick function on these pans works. Food slides around so easily in these pans that I can flip it like a professional chef. I can’t say enough good things about these pans. I’m glad I pulled the trigger and bought them.

I just got them and at a great price. The first thing I did was to hand wash them. Then I coated them in canola oil and put them in the oven at 300 degrees for two minutes to season them and then wiped out the excess oil. The next morning I used one of the pans to cook my breakfast. Three pieces of bacon. They provide their own grease of course, but never even came close to sticking. They slid around the pan like I’ve never seen before. Hash brown potatoes next. No sticking at all. I can flip them in the pan like a professional chef. Now my egg. The potatoes had sucked up all the bacon grease and I added no oil or butter so my egg slightly stuck to the pan, but it easily broke free and slid around. (Next time I’ll add a dab of butter or canola oil before cooking the egg. Somehow, with everything cooking so easily, my breakfast tasted better than usual. No sticking. No fighting. No adjusting stove temperature. My ceramic stove has the following settings. Simmer, Lo, 1 thru 9 and Hi. I turned the burner to 5 and left it there during the entire cooking process and everything cooked perfectly.

I intend to ignore the contradictory claims of this set and will take good care of them. You know, dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended. Safe for metal utensils, but silicone recommended. So, no metal utensils. Hand wash only. Wash only after the pans have cooled. Never turn my stove’s burner higher than 7 (more likely 6 since 5 cooked my breakfast fine). I won’t even nest them. I intend to reseason them once a month. I’m retired and have the time and I want to keep them in the great shape they are in right now.

It is true that the handles can heat up. My old (formally nonstick) pans had solid metal handles that never had this problem so I really didn’t expect these handles to heat up. However, these handles are hollow and so the heat crawls through them much faster than solid handles. That said, while cooking my breakfast I never had a problem touching the handle and never needed a mitten or potholder. I did check though and found that the portion of the handle closest to the pan did get to hot to touch. The portion of the handle that I needed to touch only got slightly warm. Those that have handles get to hot may have the burner turned up to high or else their pan may be on the burner for a very long time. I can see how if I’m cooking something like fried chicken that might take a while that the handle might eventually get hot so I might go ahead and order some silicon handle covers. So far I have no complaints with hot handles and I love these pots and pans. I’m pretty good at updating my reviews should things change, so if the pans start to peel, stick, warp or have other problems I’ll update.

Promised Review by West Texas
  • The new non-stick standard
  • Toxin-free
  • Warp control base
  • 10 Piece cookware set includes
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