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Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel

Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel
Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow Neck,Chin,Shoulder,Lumbar and Leg Support for Adult Airplane Traveling,Bus,Train and Office (Blue)

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Best Memory Foam Neck Pillow Travel is very nice product. My husband was constantly stealing my U-shaped memory foam neck pillow whenever we traveled, so for Valentine’s Day this year, I bought him the black Zoylee twist memory foam pillow as part of his travel-themed gift. While he was excited by all the different travel items, this pillow was definitely one of his favorites and after trying it, I decided I liked it better than my own and would probably attempt to steal it from him when we traveled unless I got my own.

I bought the Khaki version for myself, as I figured it would be the best bet against showing makeup or tinted sunscreen stains – being the closest in color. My old neck pillow was a pale blue and the cover got stained easily whenever I used it while I had makeup or tinted sunscreen on my face. And it would be embarrassing to tote such a stained pillow around for days/weeks before I could wash the cover. (At the time of this review, I noticed that the Khaki version of the Zoylee pillow has now sold out. Hopefully, it gets restocked because it’s a great color!)

The memory foam is soft and comfortable, and the twist aspect is what drew me most to this pillow. It makes it more versatile than U-shaped pillows, and much easier to get comfortable against vehicle windows, armrests, and any other unconventional nook you find yourself needing to doze in. The length of this pillow is also just right – neither too long nor too short, in my opinion. And I like that you can either stuff it in its carrying case and put it in your bag, or use the button (at both ends of the pillow) to fasten it around the handle of your luggage/backpack/purse if there is no more room in your bag for an entire pillow.

The Zoylee pillow came with a free travel eye mask. It’s really not the best mask (it’s like the basic ones you’d get on a plane) and I already have a high quality eye mask by Mzoo – which I recommend pairing with the Zoylee pillow. But since the free Zoylee mask is super flat and takes up almost zero room, it’s easy to stuff into the same carrying case as the pillow and have as a back up.

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