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Best Laser Pointer For Cats

Best Laser Pointer For Cats
Best Laser Pointer For Cats

Cat Laser Toy, Red Dot LED Light Pointer Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Dog, Long Range 3 Mode Lazer Projection Playpen for Kitten Outdoor Pet Chaser Tease Stick Training Exercise,USB Recharge

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Best Laser Pointer For Cats is very nice product. The main laser is strong and solid. You get to choose from a classic point, a star, a mousey, a smiley face and a butterfly patter all by rotating a dial. No extra caps needed! Then you have more options.

The LED light is a big wide angle solid spotlight, like something you can use for search missions or kitty cabaret. What the description doesn’t mention is that this device also has a BLACKLIGHT OPTION. This is incredibly awesome and useful, so you can point it on your rug and see where they left fluids or see if there are any spotches of blood.

Anything biological glows a nice ectoplasmic green, so don’t point it anywhere under your computer desk or you will feel shame. The usb cap comes off with a strong tug, not likely to fall off on its own, and it just plugs right into a USB port and fully charges in minutes.

I got this product for around 10 bucks and this laser pointer is by far the best freaking laser pointer I have seen. I’d expect something like this at Petsmart for at least 30. Get it. It’s very much worth it, even if you don’t have cats and just need a dang good office presentation pointer. Or if you just want a portable blacklight, this works better at that than most of the 20 dollar portable blacklights I see.

Promised Review by John Sapinski