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Best Knife Brands Pocket

Best Knife Brands Pocket
Best Knife Brands Pocket

ALBATROSS HGDK002 EDC Mini Damascus Camping Folding Pocket Knife; 2" Damascus Blade,Sandalwood Handle,Gifts/Collections

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Best Knife Brands Pocket is very nice product. Overall, this is a cool looking little knife, the quality of the blade and handle, combined with the cool style make it something I would easily consider buying again. That said there are areas that it could be much better.

I bought it for a friend as a gift, and while nothing about the images displayed in the ad are misleading; on a computer screen the texture on the knife and the etching they use for branding, look so similar that they kind of blend together. This is not the case to the naked eye, and something you should keep in mind when buying, the “albatross” brand is prominently displayed on what feels like half of the blade. The problem is in the sheer size and placement of the branding, borders on ridiculous. I just wish they had left the design to speak for it’s self.

The packaging is similar, but much easier to quickly clean up. The box the knife comes in is fine, and does a decent job of displaying it, but you’ll want to open it up, and remove the cheap looking plastic bag, the whole thing is stabbed in to. This is another area that “albatross” could easily improve their products by making a small change. If you want to keep moisture off the blade on the cheap, consider cellophane wrapping the whole box. If you want to make the quality look higher, while doing the same, consider wrapping the knife in oiled wax paper.

In conclusion it’s a decent knife and makes an okay gift, it’s just so close to being the perfect incarnation of what it is, that is almost hurts to see the few key corners cut, giving an otherwise great knife all the hallmarks of a cheap knockoff.

Promised Review by Logan N. Benjamin
  • With liner locking function, safe and convenient to use
  • Damascus Steel Blade nicely hand forged
  • Ergonomically designed handle with Natural Sandalwood
  • Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use