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Best Keycaps For Gaming

Best Keycaps For Gaming
Best Keycaps For Gaming

HK Gaming Rubber Backlit Doublesht Keycap Set | OEM Profile for Mechanical Keyboard (23 Keys, Monza Red)

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Best Keycaps For Gaming is very comfortable, love the backlighting, love the feel, love the aesthetics, love everything. so then why did this random dude on the internet give the product a 4 star?:

the c key was defected on the first set i was sent, i sent it back and asked for a replacement, received the replacement, and the c key is like 50% better, but has a squishier feel then the other keys. c isn’t a crucial key for gaming, and it is possible that my keyboard is messed up, but was worth mentioning.

Promised Review by Jacob Doggett
  • Anti-Slip Texture
  • Wide Compatibility
  • True Doubleshot