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Best Indoor Putting Green

Best Indoor Putting Green
Best Indoor Putting Green

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green, 3 x 9 feet

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Best Indoor Putting Green is very nice product. I’m not sure what “warmth” has to do with this product. What I can tell you is this product is FIRE if you’re an average golfer in an area that has a real winter with snow and such.

I bought this a few months ago in a pandemic fueled retail therapy session but was in the market for a new putter, so I did not have a chance to use it until recently, it isn’t anything fancy, doesn’t have a ball return feature, but I already feel more confident in my putting.

Having 3 holes with different depth to them means you really need to be accurate and not just blast it in hoping to bank it. Especially with how close the holes are to the hazards and back edge. For the price, you can’t beat this green.

It also could fold up easily for storage, but I just have it in my bedroom as another layer of carpet. My only problem was it did take a few days to “settle” from the way it was rolled in the box, but that’s not really a problem.

Promised Review by Dan
  • Simulate real putts
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Practice consistency to improve your putting stroke
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