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Best Headphones For Oculus Rifts

Best Headphones For Oculus Rifts
Best Headphones For Oculus Rifts

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Virtual Reality System - PC

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Best Headphones For Oculus Rifts is very nice product. Ok first let me just say VR is hand down amazing i didnt know that vr was that amazing lol the best ok so second thing the price ok let me just say yea it is a bit high but u got to understand the tech in the headset is hand down cutting edge and u got to think you are not just buy goggles it’s a gaming console like a pre-build pc or a xbox or PS4 so the price in the long run is worth it for a better headset third thing games ok on steam there are some many cool games and then the best part there all cheaper than other game there some games for a 1 that are not very loing, but they are so fun and there are a ton of free games that are more playable then the one u pay for and they have amazing deals and the 6-month vive subscription has 1254 games for this headset alone now from what i seen of this headset on steam and vive this headset is compatible with all the games pretty much now fourth thing iv talk to a couple of friends that have played on other vr and they said mine runs the best and looked better than the other one but FIVE STARS FOR THIS VR amazing last two things when u buy this seting up the sensors are the hardest part but all the good vr has the sensors now to set them up on the wall is nice but i wish i would have spent the extra and got the stand for them and then that way u dont have to put hole in ur wall and u can move them around like i put them on my wall and i will not take them down at all inlets i buy the stands they sell the stand on here for pretty cheap, but they would be worth it all the work i did to set my up on the wall.

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  • Lighthouse tracking
  • Crystal-clear graphics
  • Flip-up design
  • Vive reality system
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