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Best Headphone Bluetooth

Best Headphone Bluetooth
Best Headphone Bluetooth

Boltune Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth V5.0 IPX7 Waterproof 16 Hours Playtime Bluetooth Headphones

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I was really, really Best Headphone Bluetooth about these. But the reviews were good, and from I can tell, my 2 pairs of Anker earbuds were a blatant rip-off of the design. And I like the Anker ones. Plus, these are pink.

First impression: they aren’t attractive. The cord is flat instead of rounded, and the buds themselves are a bit larger.

The pairing was as easy as it gets. My phone saw them right away, and when I turned them on, they immediately went into pairing mode. Anker took an extra step.

I listened to them side by side, both set to the same volume – their max. I swapped ear to ear.

I tried orchestra, then dubstep, then some post-Malone song with a lot of basses.

These won in every dept. I couldn’t believe it, so I decreased the volume on these and cycled through more songs. The biggest difference was that I could hear the music behind the primary sound. Instruments that got muted out with the Ankers were crystal clear. The bass is ridiculous.

If I loved songs with bass, I may well have chucked the Ankers in the junk drawer. Noise-canceling. Apparently, metal beats plastic. Plus, these are larger. No contest, these won. Which is great because I have a parrot intent on singing the song of his people.

So… I guess I won’t be buying my earbuds from Anker anymore.

Update about 2 weeks later:

My Anker earbuds last between 5 and 6 hrs at full volume. These last for TEN. The bigger battery maybe?

Promised Review by kimber
  • 16 Hours Continuous Playback
  • The Most Advanced Bluetooth 5.0:
  • IPX7 Waterproof Technology
  • High-Quality Stereo Sound
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