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Best Half Ball Balance Trainer

Best Half Ball Balance Trainer
Best Half Ball Balance Trainer

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I bought Best Half Ball Balance Trainer for myself because I go to the gym a lot. I decided to start working out at home instead. This is exactly like what you use at the gym. VERY STURDY – I can stand on it and do squats. Not sure of the weight limited.

It comes flat. You have to pump it up from the back. The hand pump looks cheap BUT it did work really fast. I was really surprised.

Comes with a pump that works. (Looks cheap – Works good!)

Comes with two plugs. (Easy to put in. Doesn’t pop out.)

Come with exercise bands. (I don’t use these but they were made of very good material.)

Promised Review By Nicole Maxey
  • 100% safe and hygienic
  • Causes no allergic or other health problems
  • 2 Resistance bands and ample space
  • Fits variety of sizes
  • Great for hamstring curl, squat and reach, ball lunge, reverse extension, or balance push-up
  • Portable and lightweight therefore can be used anywhere
  • Easy inflate and deflate
  • Comes with a foot pump
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