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Best Gan Cube Magnetic

Best Gan Cube Magnetic
Best Gan Cube Magnetic

Coogam Gans 356 Air SM Speed Cube 3x3 Black Gan 356Air S Magnetic Puzzle Cube Gan356 with New GES V3 Spring (2019 Upgraded Version)

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When I first ordered this Best Gan Cube Magnetic, I didn’t know what to expect since gan was previously known for locky cubes that cost more than they were really worth. But after hearing many positive reviews on this cube, I knew it had to be good. My previous main was the moyu weilong gts2m. one of the biggest contenders for the best cube on the market. But when I did first turns on this cube, the weilong gtsm was nothing compared to this.

This cube is very fast, and also very stable due to the magnets, which creates a great combination. This cube is also very quiet. which is great for late night averages and casual public solving. What I think stands out the most is the GES spring system. I think it is great considering that many people prefer different springs in cubes, and it makes setup way more personalized. This is by far the best cube on the market despite its price.

Promised Review By Mike Vanner
  • Coogam Gans 356 Air SM
  • The movement is fast and smooth
  • A unique and new honeycomb design
  • The pack includes GES V3 spring components, a GAN CFOP tutorial pamphlet, 2 plastic adjusting tool, a blue Gans cube bag, and a GAN 356 Air SM VIP card
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