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Best Fitbit Versa Screen Protector

Best Fitbit Versa Screen Protector
Best Fitbit Versa Screen Protector

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Best Fitbit Versa Screen Protector covers have a snug fit but aren’t difficult to get on or off. I was a little concerned when I searched and ordered a cover to protect my watch because of the complaints about not being able to charge with it on.

That it is not an issue for me. It’s soft and goes on and off easily. You barely notice the cover and the 3 pack gives you a little option for your band color choice. The touch screen works as if the cover isn’t there. If you are searching for a versa screen protector, you can stop looking.

Promised Review By Struggling Flybaby
  • Great adapter case developed for Fitbit Versa with screen protector, suits from holidays to workouts, ready for anything
  • Easy installation, lightweight and durable quality material
  • All levers, buttons, sensors and Fitbit Versa features are specifically designed for Fitbit Versa
  • Hold your watch away from scratches, 360 degree full protection and gives a clear view
  • Great service and support in case of issues