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Best Facial Steamer 2022

Best Facial Steamer 2022
Best Facial Steamer 2022

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I purchased the pro nanosteam this week. I was highly concerned because it smelled like plastic. However, I just heard back from Beauty Imports. They told that the unit is completely BPA Free and to simply wipe down the unit with distilled water or water and vinegar to get the smell out from the manufacturing process. The smell is now gone and I feel much more comfortable using it. I looked all over the a unit that you could put essential oil into it so I really love this feature. The steam comes out at a good angle and the there is a good amount of it too! I am using it to clear my sinuses with an added bonus of cleansing my skin. It is a good product!

Promised Review by Michaela
  • Care the skin like professionals
  • Made of new negative ions technology which is 10X more powerful
  • Water reservoirs for longer steam time
  • 4 in 1 facial steamer
  • Steam Time – Humidifier – Unclogs Pores – Blackheads
  • Cool mist and Aromatherapy chamber
  • The best one in the market
  • More efficient than all out there