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Best Emergency Radio

Best Emergency Radio
Best Emergency Radio

RunningSnail Emergency Weather Alert Radio, AM/FM/NOAA Weather Solar Hand Crank Radio with 2000 mAh Battery,LCD Display,Earphone Jack,Bottle Opener,Phone Charger for Emergency

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Best Emergency Radio is very nice product. We live in heavy forest, over 100′ tall hardwood trees for quite a distance around us. We put on a metal roof and now almost no signals get in, even with the 50′ high cell booster and AM-FM antennas tower.

We’ve tried almost a dozen weather radios, only the old, discontinued Oregon Scientific ever worked. We charged this RunningSnail a bit and I checked the weather band. A channel (not our local 162.500) could almost be made out.

I was setting it to our freq, and the second closest freq came through loud and clear, our closest freq was even better. I then tried FM and my favorite jazz station. Again, wow. Not only did it come in very clearly, but the quality was much better than I hoped for, and very close to my shelf radio.

I will be getting another to carry in the car if the weather looks interesting. It is also easy to use, and the Alerts button is easy to turn on and off.

I highly recommend this radio, especially if you have limited weather visibility.

Promised Review by Dusty
  • Powerful Weather Alert Radio
  • Super LCD Screen & Bottle Opener&Headphone Jack