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Best Emergency Preparedness Kit

Best Emergency Preparedness Kit
Best Emergency Preparedness Kit

QuakeHOLD! Evacuation Essentials Plus Kit, Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Hurricane, Bug Out Bag, 5-Year Food, 5-Year Water, Emergency Preparedness Kit, Compact Survival Bag For Office, Home, Car, 1 Pack

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Best Emergency Preparedness Kit is very nice product. well there was no velcro fastener but other than that product is as described. the lil food bar and water bag manufactured in june 2015 and good until 2020. yes the whistle, gloves, goggles and dust mask looks cheap but i tried them and they were doin what they suppose to do.i didnt open the blanket thou it is most likely a basic product as well.

nevertheless i think these all would become handy in an emergency situation and will sure help you get through for a couple of hours in an emergency situation.

at 10 bucks, i think thats a good small kit to have in your office or your trunk. also may be an excellent add-on item for your bug out bag as well. overall great value and no complaints really.

Promised Review by U. Kaya
  • 1 Emergency 12-Hour Lightstick, 1 Emergency Whistle, 1 Dust Mask
  • Package Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Product Type:Survival Kit