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Best Dog Training Collar

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Best Dog Training Collar
Best Dog Training Collar
$37.99 $69.99

PATPET Shock Collar for Dogs with Remote Waterproof Dog Training Collar Rechargeable w/3 Training Modes, Beep, Vibration and 16 Shock Level Up to 1000Ft Range for Small Medium Large Dogs

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I have owned this Best Dog Training Collar for a little over a week and I have to say that my dog is making great improvements. She had a habit of taking shoes and having us chase her around the house, all because she wasn’t getting enough attention. Now, when she gets a little antsy and I can see where her attitude is taking her (stealing shoes) I put the collar on as a preemptive strike and she ALREADY straightens up without me using the collar at all!

Now, when I first started using the collar I would put the collar on and as soon as she took a shoe – I would use the sound. She would run over to me and drop the shoe at my feet. So, I haven’t had to use anything but the sound so far and now it’s gotten to the point where I just show her the remote and she knows to stop.

Recommended use:

My recommendation is to start with the sound and progress to the vibration and finally the shock feature. I also recommend if using the shock feature to make sure it’s a very low level to start. I have tested the shock feature on my arm at 5 (out of 16) and it gives a nice jolt even at that low of a level.

The collar and remote:

The collar is very nicely made and goes perfect on my all black pointer/lab mix. It’s quality material, good design and will fit 99% of dogs out there. It’s easy to charge the remote and the collar at the same time. I have only charged them both 1 time for 4 hours (recommended according to manufacturer) and have not had to recharge. I have left the collar on the entire time and used periodically throughout each day.

My dog has had a few itching bouts due to the rubber covers on the ends of the metal contacts that contact the dogs neck – the solution here was just to loosen the collar. She is able to lay down, sleep, run, all normal dog activities without an issue with the collar on. It’s also waterproof so using the bathroom in the rain is not an issue.

The range on the remote is great for my house, I haven’t run into a single distance too great to activate the collar. The buttons are easily identifiable and accidentally hitting one is not much of an issue (holding in your pocket for example). It’s also very easy to adjust the power on the vibration and shock settings.

Overall I would recommend this collar to anyone in the market for a nice training tool for you and your pup. Consistency is key when making corrections with your dog, so use the collar regularly and have it on them so it’s accessible should your dog surprise you with bad behavior.

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  • Safe effective humane training modes
  • Premium ergonomic design
  • Extral long life rechargeable battery
  • Indoor outdoor versatility
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