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Best Dog Booster Car Seat

Best Dog Booster Car Seat
Best Dog Booster Car Seat

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat - Premium Quality Metal Frame Construction - Clip-on Safety Leash - Zipper Storage Pocket - Perfect for Small and Medium Pets Up to 15 Lbs

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Best Dog Booster Car Seat good. I have a small 13 pound Jack Russell mix that feels she has to be on my shoulders when I’m driving. She also barks and lunges at passing cars while she’s on my shoulders. Obviously this is not very safe for either of us or anyone else on the road so I decided we need a dog seat for her.

After researching many of the booster seats offered on Amazon I decided on the Devoted Doggy seat. It didn’t have many reviews so I was a little wary, but the reviews it had were all very good and it looked like this was just a new product on the market and hadn’t had time to build-up a lot of reviews. When I received the seat I was very impressed. Just as described, it has a metal frame and hard bottom. It’s also made of a good quality canvas, and has a nice fleece cover that’s removable for washing.

Unlike other products that use the lobster claw to connect the safety leash to the seat, the Devoted Doggy has a sturdy D ring so no accidents can occur (this was a big concern of mine after reading other products reviews about dogs that got their foot caught and injured in the lobster claw).

The seat was easy to install in the car (tried it on both the front and back seat) and my dog fits perfectly in it. She also has enough room to lie down in it if she wants to. I’ve taken her for two test runs just to start getting her used to it and surprisingly she didn’t go nuts like I thought she would.

While she was obviously not happy at being strapped in, she seemed comfortable and very quickly settled in. She tends to shed a LOT in the car and this was the first time I’ve taken her on a ride and not arrived home with hair all over my car! My daughter has a small dog too, and she was so impressed with how my dog took to this that she’s considering purchasing one for her dog. So far I have found nothing negative about this booster seat and highly recommend it.

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