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Best Dental Sticks For Dogs

Best Dental Sticks For Dogs
Best Dental Sticks For Dogs

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My douge de bordeaux absolutely loves Best Dental Sticks For Dogs!!! I was a bit wary of using the tooth paste at first because I’ve used different brand dog tooth pastes in the past and its caused my poor dog to have the runs but this hasnt affected my dog at all and I’ve seen a change in her teeth!!! I give her it for 15 mins on a night before bed. The toy it self is unbelievably good quality, very sturdy too!! I’d would definitely recommend this toothbrush to anyone who has a dog with smelly breathe because it works wonders!!!

Promised Review By Tasmin
  • Protect your dogs teeth and make him more healthy
  • Prevents plaque and tartar buildup, which unattended can lead to infection and bacteria leech into your dog’s body
  • The brush is durable and high quality
  • The brush is tooth resistance
  • Really easy to use and clean the brush
  • Prefect for all the breeds of dogs
  • The package includes toothpaste of the dogs as well
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