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Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

Best Cryptocurrency Wallet
Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

SecuX W20 - Most Secure Crypto Hardware Wallet w/ Bluetooth - Large Touchscreen - Easily Manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BNB, Dash, XLM, ERC20, BSC and more

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Best Cryptocurrency Wallet is very nice product. Ok, I have used other hardware wallets, but I wanted one that had more options like blue tooth and a better user Interface. This one does that. The user interface is easy to and the big touch screen is easy to read. I have the Ledger Nano S and I’m 61 so it’s a little hard to read the one line menu item.

Also, I found that after loading up four different cryptos on the Nano S I couldn’t load any more crypto accounts. I had other cryptos, but they would not fit. Maybe the Nano X is better, but I thought I might as well try the SecuX. I also have the Trevor or Trezor, but this one was by far the easiest to use and setup. I transferred all my currencies easily from the Nano to the SecuX. Down the road for doing purchases, this can use the Bluetooth for that as well.

It has both Bluetooth and USB for setup and I have used both successfully with no trouble. Now, It does support all ERC tokens and about 8 others, but all the main currencies are there. There are a couple I would like to put on there, but they are not supported yet. Now that said, the support team is GREAT. They email you back right away with a response to questions AND they are working to add tokens that I suggested. So far of the three types I have tried, this one is by far the best.

It is not the round one, but the square one that is just a hair older. I love it though and it does what I need it to. By next year tens of thousands of stores will accept Crypto, I would get started. Not that hard really, but have to pay attention to what you are doing. Lastly, the device comes in a small bag to protect it and seem built tough enough for daily use. Enjoy!

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