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Best Clothes Steamer

Best Clothes Steamer
Best Clothes Steamer

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer Clothing, Mini Travel Steamer Fabric Steam Iron 240ml Big Capacity [Upgraded Version]

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I purchased theBest Clothes Steamer for use in a video studio, for quick and easy removal of creases in the muslin fabric backdrops we hang behind the talent/actors/models. I’m a single male and have always disliked ironing clothing, and ironing the muslin backdrops can make them shiny (not good).

So I purchased the HiLife Steamer along with a new muslin backdrop. The backdrop arrived terribly creased from being folded in its packaging. We supported the backdrop on a frame and stretched it slightly. Then applied steam via the HiLife Steamer. The steam took most creases/wrinkles out in just one pass! I was very surprised, and was able to remove all the creases–many of them very deep and obvious– from a 6’x9′ cotton fabric backdrop in about twenty minutes.

I use only distilled water in the steamer because I want it to last a long time, but regular tap water works as well. The unit heats up and generates steam after just a minute or two. It’s small and light, has an on-off switch and comes with a measuring cup, a bristle attachment for really tough creases and a nice long electric cord.

I have since been using the HiLife Steamer to remove creases and wrinkles from casual cotton clothing–shirts and slacks that do not require an ironed crease–and it works very well. The HiLIfe Steamer price was good and the value is high. I wish I had thought to purchase this small streamer years ago.

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  • Quick warm up
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to read fill line
  • Two different heads (brush and flat)
  • Handle that isn’t close to the body so you don’t burn your fingers
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