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Best Chicken Feeder

Best Chicken Feeder
Best Chicken Feeder

Plastic Poultry Feeder

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Best Chicken Feeder is well made and sturdy. The gap between the base and feed bucket is easily adjusted so you can control how deep the feed is in the trough. It has a deep trough with a good ridge around the edge to minimize the amount of feed that will be knocked out and wasted. Adjust the height at which it hangs so the edge is at or just below shoulder height. I find the 6 lb. size will go for several days between fillings for my flock of 10.

My only complaint is that the feed bucket part is a bit too opaque to see easily the depth of feed. If it was a little more translucent it would be easier to tell when it should be refilled, and it is for this reason that I rate it 4 rather than 5.

You need to pair this with a cover to keep your chickens from perching on the top and pooping in the feed. There are plastic covers, but you do not want them because they barely cover the top of the feed bucket. Instead, get a metal cover such as that at Little Giant Hanging Poultry Feeder While this should not be considered adequate to keep the feed dry if the feeder is hung in an area exposed to rain, it does give extra protection and is too slippery and sloped for a chicken to stay on it, and they quickly learn not to try.

The design of this feeder is essentially identical to similar Little Giant plastic feeders, but those are available in 3 lb size (too small) and 11 and 22 lb sizes (larger than I needed).

Update: I bought a second one of these and found that the large (approx. 1.5-inch diameter) washer that should have been at the bottom of the metal shaft was on the top, below the wingnut/hanger loop. As a result, the weight of that feeder and feed was concentrated on the small wingnut on the bottom of the shaft. If I had not previously bought this one I might have thought it was assembled correctly. So check to ensure the one you purchase has the large washer on the bottom and not the top.

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  • Plastic hanging poultry feeders
  • Adjustable metal clips
  • Having it covered will not stop them from scavenging your feed
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