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Best Cell Phone Holder For Car

Best Cell Phone Holder For Car
Best Cell Phone Holder For Car

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This Best Cell Phone Holder For Car is very nice (so nice that I ordered a second one for our other car). It holds onto the vent reasonably well (you might want to check it every week or so to make sure that it’s not slipping off), it’s easy to install and remove, and it holds the phone securely from three directions. The bottom shelf is particularly nice (my former holder did not have one, and the phone would slip down and sometimes out of the holder, and the side holders have both friction fit and small lips to hold the phone in place.

It replaces a phone holder that sticks to the windshield. Although there are advantages to that–easier to see–it was not good for (my) Android phones, which tend to overheat when used as GPSs. Because this holder mounts on an air vent, it’s easy to keep the phone cool.

Promised Review by Mastayugi91
  • Compatible with all phone set, Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Huawei and more
  • Enjoy a beautiful and comfortable drive
  • Quick release and grip with a button
  • Save drive due to its 360 rotational capability
  • Easy to mount over the air vent
  • Protects the air vent fans
  • 1 year Warranty