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Best Cat Water Bowl

Best Cat Water Bowl
Best Cat Water Bowl

Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel, 81oz/2.4L Intelligent Pump with LED Indicator for Water Shortage Alert, Pet Fountain with 3 Filters, 1 Mat and 2 Cleaning Brushes, Water Level Window

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Best Cat Water Bowl was the only cat water-fountain that I could find on Amazon that had an AUTO SHUT-OFF for when the water gets too low – so the motor doesn’t burn out if the bowl runs dry…

couldn’t wait to try the AUTO SHUT-OFF, so we filled it up to a little over the MINIMUM mark on the viewing window and plugged it in… the blue LED came on and it started pumping water in a little fountain out the top of the pump and we started taking water out with a small ladle… and sure enough as soon as the water got below the MINIMUM mark on the side viewing window the blue light went out and it started BLINKING RED – AND THE PUMP STOPPED PUMPING, protecting it from burning out from pumping while dry… very slick – 3 filters, cleaning brushes, plastic mat, they’ve thought of everything, you just have to remember to clean the pump every 2 weeks… perhaps they’ll build in a timer in future renditions that will blink the light GREEN when it needs to be cleaned…

after it has been going for a week, our cat has finally started drinking from it – however after only ONE WEEK the amount of water coming out of the pump has dropped about in half… pump already clogged? filter already clogged? will add more when i find out – if it is the filter, this could be expensive replacing filters every week…

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  • 3 filters, 2 brushes
  • Extremely quiet & intelligent pump with indicator light
  • Circulating filtration system
  • Encourages drinking
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