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Best Cat Tunnel For Large Cats

Best Cat Tunnel For Large Cats
Best Cat Tunnel For Large Cats

eenk Cat Toy Tunnel and Cubes Bundle - Interactive Crinkle Collapsible Tube and Foldable Cubes Playground for Pet, Cats and Puppy - All in one Set of 3

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Best Cat Tunnel For Large Cats is very nice product. My cats love their tunnel… Especially the one that likes to jump out and scare people when they walk by and she terrorizes the other cat with it. It’s hilarious and they really have great fun with that.

I have to put it away at night as they play so hard in it they can be noisy running back-and-forth in it but I absolutely love it. When it first arrived I had a small problem with it & EENK is so responsive that without me even having to ask for their support they offered it, checking on my product & satisfaction. They want to make sure all customers are happy and cats too! I cannot tell you how happy I am with their caring service and commitment to customers!

Thank you EENK and thank you for such a fun stimulating product!

Promised Review by Gerri
  • Best Cat Tunnel For Large Cats
  • Our Tunnel playhouse made of crinkle crackle paper
  • Stimulate your pet’s playful nature