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Best Cat Beds For Older Cats

Best Cat Beds For Older Cats
Best Cat Beds For Older Cats

Plush Pet Bed Cave for Cat/Small Dog, Calming Foldable Pet Tent, Hide & Seek Cat Cave Noise Reduction (Large, Beige)

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Best Cat Beds For Older Cats is very nice product. The cats were too big for the bed. I cannot find the bigger size bed. I wished I kept the bed because two feral cats just became moms outside and had five kittens, each. I found out about the kittens while the bed was already being shipped back. There was a Cancer warning on the label, I also learned.

The kittens would probably outgrow the bed before being exposed too much. I have since purchased warming disks but, the new kittens do not use it, yet. I do not know if these kittens would have used the bed. I just thought the size was too tiny. The larger size appeared bigger in the pictures. I ended up buying a different brand for the larger kitties.

The larger beds are heavily used by the indoor cats. Yet these ones did not have a Cancer Warning on their labels. I feel safer with a different brand for long-term usage. It may have been okay for younger indoor kittens that would actually use the beds.

Kittens grow up so quickly, so it would only be lightly used because of its small size. If it were not for the Cancer Warning Labels, i would recommend and try the larger size for long-term usages as kittens grow. I now recommend a different brand for long-term usage. The tiny size would be only for small kittens with light usage due to the Cancer Warnings on the label, though, in my opinion.

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