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Best Car USB Charger

Best Car USB Charger
Best Car USB Charger

Anker 24W Dual USB Car Charger, PowerDrive 2 for iPhone X / 8/7 / 6s / Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2 / Mini, Note 5/4, LG, Nexus, HTC, and More

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Best Car USB Charger is amazing. Anker contacted me almost immediately after I posted this review. In two days I had a new Car Charger, and so far it is working perfectly. I cannot recommend Anker products highly enough. Everything we have purchased fro Anker has been of excellent quality, and this one unit that had a problem was promptly replaced with excellent customer service help.

Original Review: This charger, along with 1/2 dozen Anker cords, has been amazing. I have 2 of the chargers. However yesterday my daughter told me the charger was draining her battery on the lower port. I knew she couldn’t be correct, so today I plugged in my phone at 40%. It dropped immediately to 39%. No worries, the lightening bolt showed it was charging. Then the app I was loading kept resetting. Next I noticed the power was 38%, then 37. What?? I switched the power cord into the upper port and opened my Amazon app to see the reviews. It was interesting to see someone else felt it was resetting their phone or an app as well. It’s been about 7 minutes and my phone has gone from 37 to 48% on that time using the top port. I am sure Anker will make it good, but I wanted to share this as a review in case someone else experiences the same thing. Overall I love Anker products and I will continue to buy them without question, but I expect both ports to charge. I can’t say if this occurred before or if it is a new issue. Perhaps we’ve only used the top charger successfully, because I know we’ve had two phones plugged in many times.

Promised Review By Heidi Q
  • Remarkably compact, with twin charging ports
  • Two ports with the power to charge two iPads at high speed
  • PowerIQ for customized, high-speed charging
  • PowerDrive is our acclaimed series of powerful
  • Portable in-car USB chargers
  • Built using only premium materials and the most advanced charging technology.
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