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Best Car Refrigerator

Best Car Refrigerator
Best Car Refrigerator

Kohree Portable Refrigerator 12 Volt Refrigerator Fast Cooling Small Freezer (-7.6℉-50℉), 26 Quart (25 Liter) Electric Coolers Car Fridge for Vehicles, RV, and Camping-12V/24V DC and 110V/240V AC

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Best Car Refrigerator is very awesome product. cooler is a traveling mini refrigerator! I love that i can use this on my house or in my car as it has both adapters included. Absolutely No ice is needed. I can plug this into my cigarette lighter in my car to keep it going.

It has battery protection and will not drain the cars battery. It actually consumes very little energy. Or i can plug it in anywhere in my house. It can go from 77 degrees to 32 degrees in around 15 minutes .

The temp can easily be adjusted with the built in thermostat on the top of the cooler. This is great for picnics away from home, or when you may not have room in the fridge , or if power goes out to save food i can use my car to power the cooler .

so many reasons to have one of these amazing coolers. This cooler has an anti slip mat design on bottom so it won’t slide ll over while driving my car. It even has a built in ISB port i can charge my phone or other electronic if needed.

The cooler has way to grab handles built in on the sides , and does not right as much as i expected it to. Excellent to take on long car rides and trips and not worry about ice melting and ruining the food inside. Great purchase!

Promised Review By Natalie
  • Quick Cooling Design
  • Battery Protection & Low Energy Consumption
  • Touch Screen Control & USB Charging
  • Occupy Little Place & No Noise
  • Antislip Design & Warranty
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