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Best Butane Lighter

$14.50 $16.95
Best Butane Lighter
Best Butane Lighter
$14.50 $16.95

Zippo Lighter Inserts

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Traditional Best Butane Lighter (not this butane insert) are a fine piece of “Americana,” but typically have a problem involving fuel evaporating from inside the insert. If I understand things correctly,

this doesn’t matter much for people who use the Zippo frequently, such as people who use it to smoke tobacco cigarettes. Presumably, the fuel gets used up from frequent smoking before it has time to evaporate.

For people like me who don’t smoke (or don’t smoke much) and want to use the lighter primarily for other purposes, this poses a problem: how can we enjoy using a Zippo lighter with its fabulous clicking noises, metal exterior, engravings, and classy appeal in a more fuel efficient way? Obviously, a cheap plastic Bic lighter solves these problems, but lacks the practical benefits of windproofing that Zippo lighters have, is not as classy, is not as cool, and also is not half as fun to use!

That’s where butane inserts like this become helpful, because they don’t have the fuel evaporation and leakage problems associated with traditional Zippo inserts.

Installing, fueling, and using this are all very easy. The insert has a dial on the bottom (adjustable with a flathead screwdriver) that seems to adjust the size of the flame jet. The insert fits into my “World Map Design” Armor Zippo very nicely.

1) Does not come in copper or brass colors to match Zippo lighters with copper or brass finishes. This particular insert (as of 3/15/2020) appears to be chrome-colored only. This is unfortunate because in my opinion, brass Zippos handle the aging process the best.

2) Is not available with a “soft flame” (i.e. the yellow flame) that many users like. This comes with the blue jet flame only.

3) The insert is “Made in China,” which some Zippo users may find disappointing given the Zippo company’s commitment to promoting manufacturing in the USA.

Depending on your viewpoint, some don’t even consider #2 a con, because some prefer the blue jet flame for lighting things outdoors on windy days (although traditional Zippo lighter inserts are supposed to be at least semi-windproof, iirc). Some people also say Thunderbird butane inserts (which have a soft flame, for those who want it) can work nicely with Zippo lighters as well, so this is another option to consider.

Overall, the drawbacks of the insert are vastly outweighed by the fuel savings and convenience associated with using a butane insert, and I highly recommend it.

Promised Review By Jason Martin
  • This Double Torch Butane Insert
  • A soft-touch ignition that allows for quick and easy lighting
  • A perfect fit for any regular size Zippo insert
  • Shipped unfilled
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