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Best BPA Free Water Bottles

Best BPA Free Water Bottles
Best BPA Free Water Bottles

CamelBak Eddy+ BPA Free Water Bottle

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I’ve been using Best BPA Free Water Bottles for at least the past 10 years. They are the perfect bottles to bring with you to work,

outside or the gym. I mainly use my bottles at the gym where I can easily carry it around and get a quick drink of water whenever I need. What I love about the Eddy bottles is that they are durable and leak-proof.

I never have to worry about my bottles cracking when dropped or leaking all over my backpack, and I’ve dropped many of them!

The new redesign of the Eddy+ bottle bring some welcome changes. First of all, the loop on the bottle is bigger.

Now instead of only being able to fit one finger though the loop you can now put 3 fingers through it. Now I feel like I’m less likely to drop the bottle when carrying it around the gym.

The spout also got a small redesign. Instead of the spout being convex, it is now concave. I didn’t know how I felt about the change at first, but it’s proven to be very useful.

I feel like you can get slightly more water out of the spout and there’s a handy spot for your tongue to rest (if you like putting your tongue against your water bottle?)

Lastly, the top of the bottle has been slightly redesigned. There’s no longer a screw under the spout like on the old bottle. I often found that grime would get caught in this screw from time to time and you’d need to manually scrub it, but it is now gone.

The Eddy bottle is a challenge to clean by hand. CamelBak sells scrubbing kits just to clean their bottles.

I’ve found that if I put the bottles, straws, and lids in the dishwasher after use, the bottles come out sparkling clean. From experience I’ve found that only washing the bottles by hand without using a scrubbing brush allows grime to buildup in the bottle over time no matter how often you wash the bottle.

You have to be EXTRA careful to clean inside the spout, under the lid, and where the straw connects to the lid. I’ve found that if you ignore these places, black mold spots are guaranteed to grow after a while.

Overall I love these CamelBak bottles and the new redesign is definitely a step in the right direction for me! I’ll definitely buy more of these when I inevitably lose my current bottle.

Promised Review By RobPlease
  • Maintaining proper hydration is vital for health
  • A great choice for ditching disposable water bottles and moving to a more sustainable
  • Flip, bite and sip even more with the redesigned Eddy+ bottle
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe cap and bottle.
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