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Best Body Composition Scale

Best Body Composition Scale
Best Body Composition Scale

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Bought Best Body Composition Scale because I’m on a diet and was keen to track my weight regularly. They’re a great piece of kit. They work well and are incredibly simple to use once they’re set up and connected to wifi (which is straightforward to do). I simply stand on them for a few seconds and the readings appear instantly on the app on my phone, all usefully graphed. One they are charged and set up, the battery lasts really well. I’ve had them a couple of months now and have not needed to recharge the battery (which is done using a simple USB cable). That’s much better than I had expected.

I’ve seen some of the other reviews that suggest the body composition and heart health monitoring doesn’t work well. That hasn’t been my experience. It’s not flawless, but it works about 80% of the time which is more than enough to get useful trend data.

The best feature is the ease of use. It really is as simple as just standing on them and then looking at the phone app to keep track of how you are doing. If, like me, you like to see, track and keep accurate data on progress but can’t be bothered to do it manually, these are brilliant.

The Withings app also connects to a number of other weight tracking apps. That was important to me as I had several years of data in another app that I didn’t want to lose by changing app. The data transfer between apps works flawlessly.

Yes they’re expensive compared to other scales. But in my view they are worth it for the ease of use, connectivity and app data monitoring. I find I use them far more than any other scales I have ever owned and am finding them far more useful.

I have given them four stars rather than five simply because the body composition and heart health monitoring can be just a bit temperamental. That’s something Withings will hopefully fix in the next version. But don’t let that put you off. These are a great piece of kit and well worth the (not inconsiderable) price ticket.

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  • Take care of your body with this scale
  • Tells you weight, fat and water percentage, weather, and heart rate
  • Easy setup
  • Transfers data to your mobile through WiFi
  • Clear and easy to read screen
  • Takes measure of your weight lose and gain
  • Best way to keep track of your body
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