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Best Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmet

Best Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmet
Best Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmet

Whistler WHL-40 MotoGlo Wireless Motorcycle Helmet LED Brake and Turn Signal Indicator Safety Light, Half Helmet

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Best Bluetooth For Motorcycle Helmet is very nice product. I have the Whistler Motoglo Full and 3/4 Helmet Safety Light.

I have traveled across country on my bike and this light is an additional safety feature. I was bumped in the rear by a motorist and on several occasions a motorist slammed on brakes when I was stopped at a light.

I have a Goldwing and we all know how many rear lights that bike has. Since installing the Whistler, I have received compliments from motorist.

I have been told they can see me a lot better when I am stopped. The lights flash amber with the turn signals and four way flashers are used. When brakes are applied they flash three times then stay on as a steady red. I recommend this system.

I do a lot of night riding and this unit is well worth the money. The battery life is excellent. After long rides I charge it over night at the hotel. It charges fast. I use my cell phone charger to charge it.

In day light it is not as bright, but I recommend this unit as a must have.

Promised Review By W. Clement
  • Wireless Operation between transmitter and helmet
  • Easy Installation
  • 10 Ultra Bright LED’s
  • Rechargeable Self Contained Battery
  • Module may paired and support 2 helmets