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Best Bath Kneeler And Elbow Rest

Best Bath Kneeler And Elbow Rest
Best Bath Kneeler And Elbow Rest

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Best Bath Kneeler And Elbow Rest Awesome Product. I was looking for a gift for my friend’s baby shower (she has three kids and just had a baby boy). I was recommended the kneeler and elbow pad by a mother of 5 so I figured it was a safe bet. My friend has thanked me several times for the gift! She said it’s an life saver for her and her partner.

I’ve been over their place since the baby shower and saw the kneeler in their bathroom. It looks great in their bathroom, she keeps the elbow pad part on the tub all the time. I tried it out in their home, and it’s really super comfy on the knees. Great gift for new parents!

Promised Review By P. Ushakov
  • A thick, soft and comfortable kneeler and elbow pad
  • Give your newborn a soft and smooth kneel and elbow
  • Spend more time enjoying rather than worrying
  • 1.5″ thick and 23” wide knee pad
  • 4 XL pockets to put toys and other things
  • Washing machine friendly therefore easy to wash
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