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Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow
Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow

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Prior to purchase Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow, my son hated sleeping in his HALO bassinest. He would slide all over the place. I purchased the BEATLA portable head support to try to alleviate that. It has definitely been a successful purchase! Now, my son goes right to sleep. The head support is just enough to keep positioned and not have a high risk of suffocation. The gray U-shaped pillow at the bottom is detachable and can be adjusted to your baby’s height. I would definitely recommend this product as a welcomed addition to a bassinet or crib to aid in sleep.

Promised Review By Emily G
  • Baby pillow head support
  • Cute and lovely bear ears design
  • Have a good suport for baby’s head
  • 2 pcs of belts
  • U shape design mattress
  • Paste one side of belts in the bottom of mattress
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