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Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers
Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

Projection Clock for Bedroom, Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Deaf Hard of Hearing, Ceiling Projector Clock, Large LED Display & Dimmer, USB Charger, Battery Backup,12/24H DST

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Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers is very nice product. We bought one of Mesqool’s previous model projection clocks a little over a year ago and liked it so well we immediately ordered two more. Then several weeks ago we ordered one of their new models with the 7 color night light and the bed shaker but no projection display and liked it as well but missed the display on the ceiling.

Then 3 days ago we ordered this new projection clock with the bed shaker, received it yesterday and are convinced this is the best of the best. I can pretty much guarantee the bed shaker will wake you providing you’re not in a coma. I put it under my pillow and it was like a jack hammer being deployed. Tonight I’m going to try it under the mattress.

I used it under our 18″ thick mattress last night and it was still quite alarming and woke us up. I’m very happy with this clock and the bed shaker.

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  • 180° Adjustable Angle & Focus Dial
  • 7″ LED Display with Dimmer
  • Battery Backup Setting