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Best Alarm Clock For Snoozers

Best Alarm Clock For Snoozers
Best Alarm Clock For Snoozers

Shock Clock – The World's NO. 1 Alarm Clock – Train Your Brain to Wake Up On Time – for Heavy Sleepers, Hard of Hearing, Students & Shift Workers

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Best Alarm Clock For Snoozers is a good product. If I could break this down into more specific ratings, I’d give five stars for the concept, three stars for implementation, two stars for support.

I’ve had trouble waking up for most of my life. I’ve tried super loud alarms, wearable alarms, alarms across the room, alarms that roll away, alarms that require shaking/math/QR codes, phone calls… anything I could think of. No matter what kind of alarm I have, I don’t wake up. Even if it wakes me up, I instantly fall back asleep, usually with no memory of being woken up before. My sleepy brain always says “five more minutes,” and I’m instantly back asleep.

With the Shock Clock, I gave myself a few test zaps when I first received the package. 10% I can’t feel, 20% I can feel, 30% I don’t like (but it doesn’t hurt, it’s just unpleasant). So I set an alarm for a 30% shock to go off in the morning, thirty seconds after a vibration warning. I also have a Fitbit with a vibration alarm, but I never have any memory of turning it off, so I didn’t expect the vibration to be enough. It definitely is! Somehow, even my sleepy brain knows the shock is following this vibration, and I’m wide awake.

I’ve set up the Chrome extension to zap me at just 20% when I open social media sites during working/sleeping hours, and used Tasker and IFTTT to do the same on my phone. It was crazy how quickly my habit of endlessly scrolling through Facebook was broken.

I’ve gained a ton of productive time in just the few days I’ve had this product, and I look forward to using it for more and more things in my life.

Now, the negative: I don’t feel like there’s nearly enough support or documentation for a device that actually shocks you with electricity. Customer service took a long time to answer my questions compared to other companies, and they didn’t provide nearly enough detail. I got better support from other customers on the Facebook page. I also encountered a LOT of dissatisfied customers. I expect that the support will continue to improve over time, but for right now, it’s quite lacking.

I still can’t get the jumping jacks to work as a way of turning off the alarm, which is the primary reason I bought this device. There is also a rather loud tone that plays along with the jumping jacks, which I can’t find any mention of anywhere except in conversations with other user. Which rather defeats the purpose of having a silent alarm that won’t disturb a partner. Then again, jumping jacks probably disturb partners too, but I’m still disappointed.

The hand detection for smoking/nail-biting/mindless eating is very hit or miss. I wanted to stop playing with my hair, but it only catches about half the time my hand reaches for my head. It also catches about half the time I try to eat, brush my teeth, or hug someone. So I have to go into the app and adjust settings multiple times a day to discourage playing with my hair while working. Not terrible, but annoying. Thankfully, a simple reminder vibration is enough to discourage me from playing with my hair, so I’m not getting zapped all day long.

Another concern is that at this time, the company is completely sold out, so I don’t know where Amazon is getting their stock. I purchased mine through Amazon, and Pavlov customer service told me that the packaging material I received with mine was out of date. Hopefully the documentation with the new ones is better.

Except for the product pictures, I can’t find any instructions on how to use the Milanese band, which is the only one that came with my Pavlok, despite the picture on the packaging showing the plastic/rubber band. Once I figured out the magnetic clip that holds the device in the band it was easy, but while figuring it out I felt like I was going to break it. On the bright side, after a little trial and error, I like it, and it looks good with my matching silver Milanese band for my Fitbit. Whether I look good with wearable tech on each wrist is more debatable, haha.

Bottom line: I’m annoyed about and disappointed in some aspects of this product, but I’ve been up since 7:00 this morning, and I am posting here instead of Facebook. I’ve already purchased a second device for my sister, and after seeing mine, a friend has bought one as well.

Promised Review By Cassimie

The Alarm Shock Clock is a unique alarm clock that aims to help people wake up on time by delivering a mild electric shock. The clock is designed to be placed on a bedside table and features a large LED display for easy reading. It has a standard alarm function, but also includes a “shock” button that can be pressed to deliver a mild electric shock to the user. One of the main benefits of the Alarm Shock Clock is that it can be a more effective way to wake up than traditional alarm clocks. Many people are heavy sleepers and may find it difficult to wake up to the sound of an alarm, even if it is set at a high volume. The shock feature of the Alarm Shock Clock can help to jolt people awake and get them out of bed more easily.

Another benefit of the Alarm Shock Clock is that it can be a more pleasant way to wake up than being jolted awake by a loud alarm. The mild electric shock is not painful and is similar to the feeling of static electricity. Some people may even find it to be a refreshing way to start the day. The Alarm Shock Clock is also easy to use and comes with a range of settings. It has a snooze function that allows users to pause the alarm for a short period of time, and it also has a gradually increasing alarm volume feature that helps to gently wake users up. The clock also has a backlight function that makes it easy to see the time in the dark.

Overall, the Best Alarm Clock For Snoozers is a unique and effective way to wake up on time. It is a great choice for heavy sleepers or anyone who wants a more pleasant way to start their day.

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