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Best Air Purifier For Room

Best Air Purifier For Room
Best Air Purifier For Room

Intelabe HEPA Air Purifier Air Filter with Fragrance Sponge Air Cleaner Eliminate Smoke, Dust,Pollen, Dander Air Purifiers for Home, Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Office

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Best Air Purifier For Room unique product. Recently my mom was hospitalized due to Covid-19. When she was released from the hospital, I was her caregiver at home. I started researching what I could do to create a safe and ventilated makeshift “Covid-19 Unit” in our home and looked up air purifiers. This one was a great price point, HEPA grade and CADR rating of 70m2/hr that filers the 0.3-micron sized particles as microscopic as bacteria and viruses.

Technically, the Covid-19 virus itself is .01 micron in size but from looking at CDC and NIH research, I learned that the droplets and aerosols are actually often larger than that. So I knew that the air purifier wouldn’t be able to completely filter Covid in a medical-grade way but should be able to help reduce the amount of aerosols and droplets in the air. So I bought 4 of these air purifiers and placed them throughout the house to clean the air and help ventilate my “Home Covid Unit”. FYI, I also alternated keeping the windows and doors open of the house to stay well ventilated, and used Lysol aerosol sprays too.

We are at 11 days of quarantine and I must say I really like these air purifiers. They’re not an eye sore and actually really stylish, and they’re not very loud at all even on the highest setting. I put one in my mom’s bedroom and felt the air was noticeably cleaner (even though I was wearing an N-95 mask!). I did buy 4 of them but then again, I had a very specialized need for them. I feel like they help give me some peace of mind in having a Covid-positive patient at home. So far no one else in our house has gotten sick (knock on wood!).

Promised Review By Josefina R
  • Efficiency Filtration System
  • Air Filter With Fragrance Sponge
  • Portable and Energy-Saving
  • Ultra-Quiet
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