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Best Air Circulator Fan

Best Air Circulator Fan
Best Air Circulator Fan

Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

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It definitely can move a decent amount of air for how small Best Air Circulator Fan. It also keeps the noise levels to a reasonable level while moving the air.

Size – it isn’t too big or awkward to use in most places. It has a decently wide base that makes sure it stays upright fairly easily.

Noise – It obviously isn’t going to be silent when plastic blades have to be whirled around in a circle, shoving the air molecules out of the way in the process, colliding all of it together to produce your typical whirl-whoosh of a fan.

But that’s just it, for a fan of any velocity, it tends to make a noise and this one isn’t too much better, or worse, than most.

Air Flow – I tend to use this fan circulate air, rather than directing it towards me, so it gets directed towards the ceiling and generates a room-wide flow. This may not feel as cool as directly blowing a gale force at your face, but it makes the room as a whole equilibrate better than only directing flow at yourself.

In a larger room, the mid-size fan becomes less effective; in a small room, you may want to run it at a slower speed. It definitely generates a nice steady flow in the room after it gets the air moving around, which becomes distinctly more obvious when used in smaller rooms.

Cost – If you want a fan to point at yourself or oscillate around you, buy a normal fan that costs a lot less than this.

If you want to circulate a lot of air in a large room, hallway, etc., this one isn’t going to cut it in most cases. A cheaper box fan or a 20″ circular floor fan is going to move a heck of a lot more air than this, usually for cheaper or the same cost.

This fan works to circulate air well in the namesake ‘mid-size’ rooms or generates a weaker, gentle flow in larger rooms conducive to air circulation.

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