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Best 3d Pen For Kids

Best 3d Pen For Kids
Best 3d Pen For Kids

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Best 3d Pen For Kids Works every time. Heats fast. The only jam was super simple to clear. Got it on sale so even better. Fits in the hand perfectly. Buttons are the perfect size for me. Just perfect for the business I’m starting. Don’t be taken in by their “USE OUR FILAMENT ONLY!” Void your warranty the filament size is 2.85MM. I bought THE cheapest roll of ABS filament in that size and it works perfectly fine. Just cut a strand off the spool and straighten it a bit. If it doesn’t fully catch rotate it and reinsert. I have used this to craft many things in the short time I have had it. Save yourself the money buy SPOOLS of filament for cheaper than what they sell a few packs of their “Eco-Plastic” for. OH and a side note. The ABS filament I bought stinks about 20% as much as theirs does. Something in theirs smells like burning bloody hell when used. Mine is MORE than tolerable.

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  • All new dual drive technology
  • The 3Doodler app
  • Free 15 colors of plastic refills & Stencil book
  • Smooth 3D drawing experienced
  • 365 days free replacement policy