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Beskar Steel Phone Case

Beskar Steel Phone Case
Beskar Steel Phone Case

CarterLily Shockproof Dustproof Water Resistant Aluminum Armor Full-Body Protection Case for iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6S Plus (Black)

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Beskar Steel Phone Case is very nice product. By far, the best investment I’ve ever made to protect my wife’s phone. She somehow manages to demolish all of her phones and after upgrading her to a iPhone 6 Plus a few years ago, this case has been the only reason it has survived this long.

She’s has managed to destroy ( along with my 2 year old daughter who likes watching the PBS app ) 3 of these cases and the phone is always unscathed. I’ve learned to just remove and throw away the plastic mute/vibrate button because it causes more problems than anything.

The mute button gets controlled by a smooth end button that easily bumps your phone into mute or ringer by accident. The case is bulky, it’s seriously heavy, but its a tank. It’s not water proof but it helps keep the phone protected from everything else

. I’m very happy this thing exists because if not, we would’ve been repairing a lot of phones.

Promised Review by Erick
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus 5.5
  • Shock/dirty/dust/rainproof,can’t be go under water.
  • Cool designed,Aluminum Metal Bumper